A brief summary of this course.

Hey there, and welcome to Learn While Doing's FTC Robotics Java course. This course will go over the basics of OOP (object-oriented programming) with the Java programming language, and how these concepts are applied to the real-world in the case of FTC OnBot Java.

What's covered in this course?

Basic Java & OOP

This course will educate you on Java basics and OOP fundamentals, including:

  • What is Java?

  • Why OOP?

  • Variables and primitive types

  • Working with booleans and if/else statements

  • Iteration and recursion

  • Arrays and Classes

  • Methods

  • and much more!

Applications to Robotics

This course will teach you how to apply your knowledge in developing programs for your FTC Robotics Challenge team!

Not on an FTC Robotics Challenge team? That's ok, this course will still be great experience with working with an OOP language and how to apply it to the real world.