Course Materials

Here's what you will need for this course.

Here's what is absolutely necessary for this course:

  • a computer running MacOS (recommended), Windows, or Linux

  • access to internet

This course was created for FTC OnBot Java, so we recommend that you have access to:

  • an Android phone running Android Lollipop

  • an FTC Control/Expansion Hub

  • (optional) access to an actual FTC robot!

If you need to set up Expansion Hubs, jump to Expansion Hub setup to learn what materials you need for that section.

If you plan on running TeleOp, you will need at least one gamepad.

Testing Out Code

We recommend using to test code out. We've found it's the easiest way to get up and running, with minimal setup required. For many lessons, it will greatly improve your ability to comprehend the material if you try it out yourself. Try it out now!

Great, now let's get started!

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