Get Help with the Course

If you are stuck on or confused by the course, no worries! There are many ways to get help with both this course and FTC OnBot Java.

For help with the course

Feel free to reach out to the 10415 programming team on Reddit. You can reach me (the main author) at u/chroline on Reddit, or by email via [email protected]

For help with programming

There are many resources for you to get help with FTC OnBot Java.

General Java help

Your best resource by far would by stackoverflow. You can ask any questions related to Java or programming, and you can get help from the largest community of programmers online.

FTC OnBot Java help

We recommend reaching out to the FIRST Tech Challenge subreddit. There are a lot of fellow FTC programmers who are willing to help you. Most likely, your problem has been faced by many others (and potentially already solved!)